STX Lure $59.99

STX Lure

Soft octagon shape that feels comfortable and maneuvers easily
STX Mesh Ball Bag $17.99

STX Mesh Ball Bag

holds up to 24 lacrosse balls
STX Nova $49.99

STX Nova

All-Around Head for All Positions and Levels of Play
STX Ntrance $84.99

STX Ntrance

Super Stiff for Defensive Players
STX Polar Glove $29.99

STX Polar Glove

Fleece-Lined for Warmth in Wet and Cold Weather
STX Professor 10 UNSTRUNG $79.99

STX Professor 10 UNSTRUNG

Lightweight head with sleek, streamlined design LEGAL FOR COLLEGE PLAY ONLY
STX Propel $59.99

STX Propel

Handle stays temperate in all weather conditions
STX Proton Power UNSTRUNG $84.99


The Most Popular Offensive Head in the Game
STX Proton U UNSTRUNG $49.99


The Next Generation Proton+ LEGAL FOR ALL LEVELS OF PLAY
STX Rave 10 $109.99

STX Rave 10

10 design and STX Forward Cant drive the ball to the sweet spot for the quickest release and best ball feel
STX Rookie $24.99

STX Rookie

Smaller than the 4Sight + Youth for a better fit and increased visibility
STX Rumble $89.99

STX Rumble

Molded grip at both ends delivers improved grip and stick handling