Brine FOJ $69.99

Brine FOJ

5% of proceeds will go directly to the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation.
Brine Hail $69.99

Brine Hail

NEW Mid-size diameter provides ultimate stick control
Brine King III Superlight Gloves $99.99

Brine King III Superlight G...

The lightest glove in the Brine family weighing just 6 oz.
Brine Lithium $79.99

Brine Lithium

Derived from the worlds lightest metal, LITHIUM is the lightest alloy in our line.
Brine Lux $40.00

Brine Lux

Soft comfort grip foam helps to keep the goggle from slipping and provides superior comfort. Custom Colors Available, please allow for an additional week. PLEASE NOTE WHAT COLORS IN THE CART!
Brine Mantra 2 $104.99

Brine Mantra 2

Updated ballstop area provides optimal retention and a smooth transition.
Brine Money Chest Protector $59.99

Brine Money Chest Protector

Internal Plate system in sternum with additional dual-density foam provides protection where it is needed most.
Brine Money Goalie Stick UNSTRUNG $39.99

Brine Money Goalie Stick UN...

Offset design for control and performance Open sidewall for reduced weight
Brine MYNX $39.99

Brine MYNX

Mid-Offset design for increased ball retention and quicker release.
Brine Pixie $29.99

Brine Pixie

Moderate Offset design for improved cradling and throwing.
Brine Recruit $29.99

Brine Recruit

Slightly Offset head that allows a new player to become adjusted to catching and throwing
Brine Rhythm $49.99

Brine Rhythm

Womens diameter handle based on BRINEs famous Swizzle. Zone Tak finish eliminates the need for tape.