STX 4Sight Pro $77.99

STX 4Sight Pro

Vented silicone padding provides superior comfort and fit; does not absorb sweat or moisture, minimizing breakouts and making the goggle easy to clean.  ONE SIZE FITS ALL Custom Colors Available, please allow for an additional week. 
STX 4Sight Pro Ti $79.99

STX 4Sight Pro Ti

Titanium wires for a lighter weight, without sacrificing protection.  ONE SIZE FITS ALL
STX 4Sight+ $50.99

STX 4Sight+

Form-fitting silicone padding for comfort and fit; does not absorb sweat or moisture, which minimizes breakouts, and make the goggle easy to clean.
STX Agent Chest Protector $89.99

STX Agent Chest Protector

Quad layer construction provides four layers of highly protective, impact-reducing padding wtihout added bulk. Split chest design allows each panel to shift independently for maximum mobility. ONE SIZE FITS ALL
STX Agent Rib Pads $49.99

STX Agent Rib Pads

Wrap-around, anatomical coverage for hips, ribs and spine. Reinforced shield for dispersion of high-impact hacks.
STX Assault Arm Guards $119.99

STX Assault Arm Guards

No-slip sleeve and interior silicone nubs prevent annoying slippage
STX Assault Gloves $179.99

STX Assault Gloves

Improved palm design offers the optimal combination of breathability, grip and durability. Direct inject impact ribs for slash protection
STX Assault Shoulder Pads $159.99

STX Assault Shoulder Pads

High Def Polymer does not soak up rain or sweat - keeping pad ultra-lightweight throughout the game
STX AV8 $34.99


The Premier Beginner or Entry Level Lacrosse Stick in the Game
STX Ava $29.99


Entry Level Stick with High End Style
STX Ava Jr. $24.99

STX Ava Jr.

Complete stick overall length of 36 makes ball handling easier for younger or entry level players*
STX Bounceback $235.00

STX Bounceback

4x3 STX Bounceback.   Perfect for those players looking for a wall for the backyard.