Brine Uprising Rib Pads $29.98

Brine Uprising Rib Pads

Multiple flex points for unrestricted movement
Maverik Empire Rib Pads $39.99

Maverik Empire Rib Pads

The fully adjustable Empire Rib Protector is designed to give you protection without impeding your wind-up or style of play. It features DilloFlex technology and a breathable, moisture-wicking liner to keep you cool. In lacrosse, sometimes all you have is your guts. Shield them.
Maverik Fox Rib Pads $49.99

Maverik Fox Rib Pads

If youre the type of player who goes out looking for contact, trying to pick a fight on the crease, the Fox Rib Protector is your armor vest. DilloFlex technology protects you and your ability to move freely, while reinforced spinal protection and ergonomically crafted spinal shield let you throw...
STX Agent Rib Pads $49.99

STX Agent Rib Pads

Wrap-around, anatomical coverage for hips, ribs and spine. Reinforced shield for dispersion of high-impact hacks.
Warrior Burn Rib Pad $54.99

Warrior Burn Rib Pad

Warrior employs technology that comes from superior alien intelligence to create shoulder pads that feel like they're not there, arm pads that stay put and rib pads that stay cool.