m heads

Brine Alias $49.99

Brine Alias

Modified Offset maximizes ease of use and performance
Brine Clutch UNSTRUNG $84.99

Brine Clutch UNSTRUNG

The most popular Brine head of all time.
Brine Clutch X UNSTRUNG $84.99

Brine Clutch X UNSTRUNG

Legal for All Levels of Play
Brine Recruit $29.99

Brine Recruit

Slightly Offset head that allows a new player to become adjusted to catching and throwing
Epoch Hawk UNSTRUNG $100.00


*******************************************************************************Designed in Collaboration With Flip Naumburg ******************************************************************* LIVE.PLAY.BE MADE IN THE USA  Laid Back ProfileHawk's laid back profile keeps the ball tucked under the s...
Maverik Bazooka $39.99

Maverik Bazooka

For players just getting into the game, its never too early to drop jaws with the Bazooka. This lightweight, highly durable stick uses the balls natural momentum when handling, while creating the fastest possible release point when shooting. Complete with a 6000 series aluminum shaft, the Bazooka...
Maverik Juice $79.99

Maverik Juice

Maveriks original head, the Juice combines everything you need to dominate in one dynamic model. The short, narrow head gives you ultimate control and comfort while handling the ball, but with a faster release point to generate more powerful shots. Its improved ball-handling when you need to slow...
Maverik Spider $94.99

Maverik Spider

The Spider is a brand new Maverik-caliber weapon. A more rounded head allows for pinpoint shooting while the aggressive, high positioned ramp makes sure you get the most velocity from your shots. The Spider also features multiple lacing holes that let you customize your game for maximum control.
Maverik Spider One $94.99

Maverik Spider One

The same innovation of the Spider but designed to meet NCAA specs, the Spider One rocks a rounded scoop for supreme accuracy on the field, perfect for dropping super accurate passes on the break. With personalized release options and dramatic ramp, its just waiting to break the game open.
Maverik Spider17 $94.99

Maverik Spider17

The SPIDER 17 is the brand new head from MAVERIK R&D designed for the offensive player. Minimum throat width for ball control Aggressive ramp positions ball for quick and accurate release Multiple lacing holes for custom pocket options Meets NFHS specs
STX AV8 $34.99


The Premier Beginner or Entry Level Lacrosse Stick in the Game
STX Hammer U UNSTRUNG $99.99


Engineered for Strength and Stability for the Advanced Defender LEGAL FOR ALL LEVEL OF PLAY