STX Sultra Chest Protector $89.99

STX Sultra Chest Protector

Stretch zones in chest, shoulders and stomach area, and women's specific sizing provide a better fit than traditional chest protectors MADE FOR A FEMALE FIT
STX Sultra Goalie Gloves $84.99

STX Sultra Goalie Gloves

Thinner fingers and palm provide a better fit for women's hands. Extra protection on the thumbs
STX Throat Protector $9.99

STX Throat Protector

STX logo throat protection
Warrior Buzzkill Chest Protector $154.99

Warrior Buzzkill Chest Prot...

The new Buzzkill Goalie Guard offers superior protection for those players who need it most.
Warrior Buzzkill Goalie Gloves $154.99

Warrior Buzzkill Goalie Gloves

The new Buzzkill Goalie Glove represents a new age in goalie equipment.
Warrior Lockdown Chest Protector $124.99

Warrior Lockdown Chest Prot...

Shut it down. Stop the ball cold with the Lockdown Chest Pad.
Warrior Lockdown Goalie Gloves $79.99

Warrior Lockdown Goalie Gloves

The new Lockdown Goalie Glove represents a new age in goalie equipment.
Warrior Nemesis Lyte Goalie Head UNSTRUNG $84.99

Warrior Nemesis Lyte Goalie...

Top selling Warrior head of all time. The Nemesis Lyte is used by the top goalies in the world.
Warrior Toolbox $59.99

Warrior Toolbox

f you are Warrior material, your cup runneth over. You need maximum protection and maximum comfort. The Toolbox Goalie Nutt Hutt features breathable compression construction and a high-impact ABS plastic cup, to keep one stick working if the other one doesn't.
Warrior Voidlyte Goalie Head UNSTRUNG $89.99

Warrior Voidlyte Goalie Hea...

The first goalie head to feature Warrior's patented gas-assist NOZ molding process.
Warrior Zoo Goalie Head $39.99

Warrior Zoo Goalie Head

Beginner-level goal stick.