STX is global sports equipment manufacturer based in the US. STX mainly focuses itself in the manufacturing of men's and women's Lacrosse sticks and protective gear, including gloves, pads, and women's eyewear.


STX has the first stick double wall, synthetic lacrosse head, which was the first synthetic stick and the only type used to score goals in the first NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship.  STX Website


STX Hammer U UNSTRUNG $99.99


Engineered for Strength and Stability for the Advanced Defender LEGAL FOR ALL LEVEL OF PLAY
STX K18 Gloves $100.00

STX K18 Gloves

Design inspired by Kyle Harrison.  Snug fit with a smooth, full mash palm.
STX K18 Head $70.00

STX K18 Head

Designed inspired by Kyle Harrison.  Provides Stability and versatility to meet the demands of an intermediate level player.  Compliant with NCAA & NFHS rules.
STX K18 Shoulder Pads $80.00

STX K18 Shoulder Pads

Design inspired by Kyle Harrison.   Elevated chest plate and strategic reinforcement of cheat area.


Maximum Power and Lightweight Strength
STX Lever 10 $79.99

STX Lever 10

Handle stays temperate in all weather conditions
STX Lure $59.99

STX Lure

Soft octagon shape that feels comfortable and maneuvers easily
STX Mesh Ball Bag $17.99

STX Mesh Ball Bag

holds up to 24 lacrosse balls
STX Nova $49.99

STX Nova

All-Around Head for All Positions and Levels of Play
STX Ntrance $84.99

STX Ntrance

Super Stiff for Defensive Players
STX Polar Glove $29.99

STX Polar Glove

Fleece-Lined for Warmth in Wet and Cold Weather
STX Professor 10 UNSTRUNG $79.99

STX Professor 10 UNSTRUNG

Lightweight head with sleek, streamlined design LEGAL FOR COLLEGE PLAY ONLY