Shoulder Pads

Brine Triumph Shoulder Pads $124.99

Brine Triumph Shoulder Pads

New shoulder pad from Brine with new injected EVA foam technology
Brine Uprising Shoulder Pads $39.99

Brine Uprising Shoulder Pads

Sleek shoulder cap design for increased protection without limiting flexibility.
Maverik Bad Boy Shoulder Pads $39.99

Maverik Bad Boy Shoulder Pads

Without protecting the bad boys of today, there would be no Maverik Soldiers of tomorrow. And to make sure they make their way up the ranks, we designed the Maverik Bad Boy Shoulder Pad to give the highest level of protection. Full-coverage, shock-absorbing caps and added spine and sternum protec...
Maverik Combine Shoulder Pads $74.99

Maverik Combine Shoulder Pads

Specialized flex patterns and an ergonomic fit make the COMBINE Shoulder Pad the ultimate in form fitting protection. Extra sternum protection for when you take the hard hits Adjustable bicep pads for ultimate range of motion MAVERIK BeatDownLiner offers another level of contoured protection
Maverik Maybach Deuce Shoulder Pads $39.99

Maverik Maybach Deuce Shoul...

This brand new MAVERIK innovation contours to your body like no other pad on the market. Ergonomically designed to create realfeel DuraStretch technology offers protection and creates more channels for air flow Interior raised padding lining to minimize touch points on the skin. Adjustable ...
Maverik Maybach Deuce Speed Pad $89.00

Maverik Maybach Deuce Speed...

Extreme protection plus comfort means balance.  Protects all the right places without getting in the way of your game.
Maverik Rome Shoulder Pads $139.99

Maverik Rome Shoulder Pads

Like the rest of the Rome line, the Rome Shoulder Pad is the peak of Maverik innovation, design and player insight. By far our lightest, toughest, most formfitting shoulder pad, the Rome features DuraStretch fibers for unrestricted flex and airflow while XFoam provides armor-like protection witho...
Maverik Rome Speed Shoulder Pads $119.99

Maverik Rome Speed Shoulder...

The Rome Speed Pad gives you every innovation in the Maverik playbook without making you feel like youre lugging it all at once. With a slimmed down design, the Rome lets you charge the field freely and fearlessly, knowing youve got the ultimate weapon on your sidespeed. And while power is import...
Maverik RomeNXT Shoulder Pad $139.00

Maverik RomeNXT Shoulder Pad

With an eye for protection without compromising performance, the RomeNXT Shoulder Pad continues to push the limits of protection and innovation.  Built for the player that takes a beating and keeps on moving.
Maverik RomeNXT Speed Pad $109.00

Maverik RomeNXT Speed Pad

The game's lowest profile shoulder pad just got better with the all new RomeNXT Speed Pad.  Designed for flow through ventilation with X-Form, the speed pad is the pad for the player looking for the slimmed down look and feel.
Maverik Zoom Shoulder Pads $69.99

Maverik Zoom Shoulder Pads

The words ultra-flexible and high-performance arent usually used to describe equipment for intermediate level players. Maverik isnt your usual lacrosse equipment company. With ComfortFit design, DilloFlex technology and added sternum/spine protection, the Zoom doesnt hold back anything for the pl...
STX Assault Shoulder Pads $159.99

STX Assault Shoulder Pads

High Def Polymer does not soak up rain or sweat - keeping pad ultra-lightweight throughout the game