Shoulder Pads

Brine Uprising Shoulder Pads $39.99

Brine Uprising Shoulder Pads

Sleek shoulder cap design for increased protection without limiting flexibility.
Maverik Bad Boy Shoulder Pads $39.99

Maverik Bad Boy Shoulder Pads

Without protecting the bad boys of today, there would be no Maverik Soldiers of tomorrow. And to make sure they make their way up the ranks, we designed the Maverik Bad Boy Shoulder Pad to give the highest level of protection. Full-coverage, shock-absorbing caps and added spine and sternum protec...
Maverik RomeNXT Shoulder Pad $139.00

Maverik RomeNXT Shoulder Pad

With an eye for protection without compromising performance, the RomeNXT Shoulder Pad continues to push the limits of protection and innovation.  Built for the player that takes a beating and keeps on moving.
Maverik RomeNXT Speed Pad $109.00

Maverik RomeNXT Speed Pad

The game's lowest profile shoulder pad just got better with the all new RomeNXT Speed Pad.  Designed for flow through ventilation with X-Form, the speed pad is the pad for the player looking for the slimmed down look and feel.
STX Assault Shoulder Pads $159.99

STX Assault Shoulder Pads

High Def Polymer does not soak up rain or sweat - keeping pad ultra-lightweight throughout the game
STX Cell II Shoulder Pad Liner $74.99

STX Cell II Shoulder Pad Liner

isoBLOX technology delivers protection and complete range-of-motion along chest, back and shoulders
STX K18 Shoulder Pads $80.00

STX K18 Shoulder Pads

Design inspired by Kyle Harrison.   Elevated chest plate and strategic reinforcement of cheat area.
STX Shadow Shoulder Pads $134.99

STX Shadow Shoulder Pads

Low-profile design provides maximum freedom of movement
STX StallionHD Shoulder Pads $175.00

STX StallionHD Shoulder Pads

Built with dual density High Def Polymer and liner reduces odor.