Brine is a sporting goods manufacturer in the US. It manufactures Lacrosse, Soccer, & Field Hockey equipment. It is currently one of the Big 5 manufacturer of Lacrosse equipment.  Brine was founded by W.H. Brine in 1922.  It still continues to make great equipment like the Brine King Gloves  series and other great products.   Brine Website




Brine Uprising Rib Pads $29.98

Brine Uprising Rib Pads

Multiple flex points for unrestricted movement
Brine Uprising Shoulder Pads $39.99

Brine Uprising Shoulder Pads

Sleek shoulder cap design for increased protection without limiting flexibility.
Brine Vantage $50.99

Brine Vantage

Low-profile design provides unobstructed view for maximum vision
Brine Verdict X UNSTRUNG $44.99

Brine Verdict X UNSTRUNG

Legal for All Levels of Play