Brine is a sporting goods manufacturer in the US. It manufactures Lacrosse, Soccer, & Field Hockey equipment. It is currently one of the Big 5 manufacturer of Lacrosse equipment.  Brine was founded by W.H. Brine in 1922.  It still continues to make great equipment like the Brine King Gloves  series and other great products.   Brine Website




Brine 6065 $9.99

Brine 6065

6000 series aluminum. Basic Starter Shaft
Brine Alias $49.99

Brine Alias

Modified Offset maximizes ease of use and performance
Brine Allure $39.99

Brine Allure

Moderate Offset design for improved cradling and throwing.
Brine Blueprint UNSTRUNG $74.99

Brine Blueprint UNSTRUNG

Patented Offset gives players the ultimate hold and control
Brine Blueprint X UNSTRUNG $74.99

Brine Blueprint X UNSTRUNG

Legal for All Levels of Play
Brine Blueprint X6 UNSTRUNG $79.99

Brine Blueprint X6 UNSTRUNG

Legal for NCAA Play Only
Brine Cameo Glove $21.99

Brine Cameo Glove

NEW design features RF welded technology for our lightest cold weather glove yet!
Brine Cinch $79.99

Brine Cinch

Super-light composite technology is high strength without adding weight Comfort-grip finish provides better grip in poor weather conditions
Brine Clutch Superlight UNSTRUNG $94.99

Brine Clutch Superlight UNS...

Shoot harder and change hands faster with the lightest Clutch ever.
Brine Clutch UNSTRUNG $84.99

Brine Clutch UNSTRUNG

The most popular Brine head of all time.
Brine Clutch X UNSTRUNG $84.99

Brine Clutch X UNSTRUNG

Legal for All Levels of Play
Brine Clutch X6 UNSTRUNG $104.99

Brine Clutch X6 UNSTRUNG

Legal for NCAA Play Only